Strategic & Innovative

Throughout my career, I have been involved with digital transformations requiring innovative and strategic approaches in order to stay competitive and deliver growth and business value. 

With over 35 years, I have a history of helping companies and clients digitally transform, evolve, and address changing business landscapes enabling clients to discover what they likely already know but may need specific methods to help enable the right mindset and roadmap leading to successful execution.  

These methods set the foundation for your IT organization to deliver better business results enabling your business to digitally transform to reach and exceed EBIDTA, revenue, and growth targets with new and more exciting capabilities.  

Throughout the years, I have documented many case studies of resistance to change and have been successful in driving necessary change into companies to deliver necessary business outcomes. I have developed concepts and "commercialization paths" that help to identify, capture, and deliver on change to successfully drive technology innovation throughout the organization. In all cases around change and cultural resistance, you have to have the "thick skin" to put your career on the line as this requires consistent and relentless communication with Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and other key stakeholders.

The following are a few examples and case studies where digital transformations and change was necessary and executed in my past:

  1. GE Energy Smart Grid
  2. Initiated GE Software Solutions Group - foundation for GE software in early 2000's
  3. Evangelized Systems Thinking at GE Energy creating systems engineering organization 
  4. Sterling Infosystems Background Screening - micro services and cloud
  5. Sabres Travel Systems - mainframes to open systems
  6. Honeywell Security Systems
  7. Reuters (Integrated) Real time and historical News Information System
  8. Computer Associates Backbone SOA System

I have been an evangelist and catalyst to lead and drive digital transformations, new technology strategy, and organizing new departments – in infrastructure, electrical engineering, & enterprise software - focused on enabling business value, and carving out commercialization paths, while leveraging legacy where applicable.  results have been measured in revenue, EBIDTA, cost savings, and growth.